Adelot App: Create a “scenariosized” outdoor lighting space

Adelot App: Create a “scenariosized” outdoor lighting space

Nowadays, many people regard matching smart homes as the smartest thing when owning a house, but there are not many solar smart lamps for outdoor scenes. Sottlot New Energy is committed to the field of outdoor smart lighting. The company independently developed Adelot APP smart operating system helps users realize diversified smart “scene” lighting needs.

Create personalized scene lighting

Users can manage all Sottlot New Energy’s outdoor lighting fixtures through the Adelot APP, and classify them into scene modes such as front yard, back yard, welcome, and intrusion, or customize scene modes.

If the users wants to turn on the front yard mode, users can remotely control through the Adelot APP to turn on all the lights in the front yard, or turn on several specific lights such as the entrance, porch, corridor, path, etc., to help the user’s front yard to create Harmonious lighting environment.

Under this kind of scene, users can also perform scene overlay settings, personalize the brightness, color temperature, color, time, etc. of each lamp, and enjoy an outdoor space with a sense of space and layers.

At the same time, users can adjust each light in the front yard to a more suitable tone for the scene according to personal preferences. Users can also brighten the lights at the entrance when guests visit, and dim the lights in the garden and lawn when the family is sleeping. It depends on the user’s mood or the scene that needs to adjust the lighting at that time.

Intelligent control of dimming and on-demand lighting

Users can set energy-saving modes for various needs on the Adelot APP. After testing, the energy consumption of lighting products that use the Adelot APP to jointly control lighting products is 1/10 of the energy consumption of similar smart lighting products in the industry, which means that energy waste can be reduced and extended the service life of lamps.

Users only need the lights to turn on at dusk and turn off in the morning every day, and then select the timing set so that the lights can automatically turn off and on at the desired time. Manpower-saving operation is the charm of intelligent control.

Users can set the brightness of the lights to a specific level. Users can set the brightness to 20 percent at sunrise, 35 percent at noon, and 100 percent just before dark. In this way, the light will not be too bright or too dark, not only can have adaptive light, but also make the lamps last longer and be more durable.

Realize “one-to-many” intelligent linkage of outdoor lighting

What makes Sottlot New Energy’s outdoor lighting fixtures different is that it truly realizes the intelligent scene experience of “one-key networking and multi-light linkage”.

When users connect Sottlot New Energy’s outdoor lighting fixtures through the Adelot APP, users can not only perform one-to-one intelligent control of these lighting fixtures, but also realize interconnection and mutual control between different types of lighting fixtures. Just create a new scene in the Adelot APP, and add the required lamps to this scene, set the trigger mode for one of the lamps, and the other lamp will receive the signal and light up by induction. The number of trigger controls can be as many as 100 units, which can meet the user’s more diverse and humanized custom scene design.

Everyone can see such a picture: on the way home, we have to pass through the dark parking lot. There are lights at the intersection to sense that someone is passing by, and the lights are slowly turned on one by one, leading us all the way back home and escorting us forward.

Through the above intelligent interactive experience of technology and life, I believe that everyone must have felt the peace of mind and happiness brought by Sottlot New Energy outdoor lighting fixtures.