The world’s first Mela solar-powered musical rhythm garden wall light,bright flames dance to music

The world’s first Mela solar-powered musical rhythm garden wall light,bright flames dance to music


SOTTLOT New Energy is a leading brand of high-quality solar smart lighting products, offering premium and modern outdoor smart wall sconces to decorate your home and garden.

Mela is the world’s first solar-powered musical rhythm garden wall light launched by SOTTLOT New Energy in May this year.

Originating from an original European design with a minimalist retro look, Mela is designed by creating a perfect and harmonious spatial scene between people and the environment, creating a unique lighting scene based on rhythm, with the dynamic effect of sound rhythm, when people feel the dynamic atmosphere from the moment they enter the house.

Colorful lights change with the rhythm of music to enhance the beauty of outdoor spaces. Mela supports 16 million colors, and Mela’s microphone receiver will create romantic or dynamic lights with your favorite tunes, perfectly synchronized with the rhythm of music, giving you an enchanting light show. And dozens of ambient decorative effects or scene lighting effects can be played through the Adelot APP to create your special moments at any time.

As a solar-powered lighting wall sconce, Mela is perfectly adapted to the wall decoration of each scene, providing 2700~6500K color temperature adjustment,  and harmonious light, daily use will decorate the environment with warmth and nature. mela also supports PIR human sensor function, which can be adjusted according to the environment, more efficient and energy-saving; with Adaptive Lighting System (ALS technology), the battery life can reach 7 days.

Mela minimalist retro-style lights can be integrated with any outdoor environment to explain the night and create a dreamy and dynamic lighting with musical rhythm in people’s daily life. Suitable for entertaining and relaxing spaces such as terraces, balconies, outdoor dining areas or decks with upholstered loungers, the lights can light up your special moments while enjoying a candlelit dinner, add energy with dynamic lighting while pedaling a kinetic bike to work out, or make fun times more memorable at a lively dance party.

SOTTLOT New Energy smart lighting can be controlled by Adelot APP with different lighting effects to meet the lighting requirements, resulting in a unique ambient effect. MELA can be networked with other series of SOTTLOT products through the Adelot app, starting your all-round outdoor smart ecosystem. Mela is just a part of Sottlot’s infinite possibilities, allowing people to enjoy the outdoor space that combines music and scenes.