SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY brings leading outdoor smart home products to China Canton Fair

SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY brings leading outdoor smart home products to China Canton Fair

The 133rd Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete range of commodities, the largest number of buyers, the widest source, and the best transaction results in China. It provides vitality and opportunities for global trade. At this exhibition, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY is based on the field of solar outdoor smart home and will display our high-quality, smart solar outdoor products to open up trade channels in the Asian market.

This time, the main product of the Solaraxy series suitable for villas, parks, squares and other commercial outdoor places was exhibited – Tracker Bollard Post Light: a solar AI 360° sun-tracking landscape light. Its largest technology can calculate the best angle of the sun in real time. Increase the charging efficiency by 30%, the exclusive ALS technology can greatly extend the continuous lighting time in rainy days, and realize the biggest breakthrough in the short battery life and charging time of existing solar landscape lights.

This time, the Adelot series of solar smart spotlights for home use – Infinex Spot Light: has colorful and soft light, and with the APP, you can choose a variety of scenes to create a home outdoor lighting atmosphere.

According to the needs of the market, we exhibited the new solar intelligent music rhythm desktop lantern——Coola is a kind of lighting that can present a fantastic light color with the rhythm of music. It is suitable for festivals, parties, and camping scenes. It can be matched with other Adelot lights to create a whole family Backyard scene change.

Previously, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY launched a new product at the HKTDC Hongkong Electronics Fair. The world’s first solar portable power station using AI technology _ the Alpha800 module has the freedom and flexibility of Lego splicing, just like having a whole new set of magic bags for use without worrying about carrying multiple items. Users can combine accessories arbitrarily to create a smart portable energy storage station that meets multi-functional needs, allowing users to have a more relaxed and convenient experience whether they are in the car, at home, or in outdoor activities such as camping in the countryside and outdoor aerial photography.

SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY is a high-end smart home brand from Europe, a leading brand of high-quality outdoor smart technology products, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and solutions. Here, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY sincerely invites new energy customers to participate, learn about the latest products and technologies, and promote the continuation and development of new energy technology.