SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY launched the world’s first AI-controlled & Lego-style modular portable energy storage station – Alpha800

SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY launched the world’s first AI-controlled & Lego-style modular portable energy storage station – Alpha800

From April 12th to 15th, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY showcased the first Solar Generator series new product – Alpha800 at HKTDC Hongkong Electronics Fair 2023 (spring). Alpha800 is a portable power station, which is a long-awaited portable energy storage product for scenarios such as short trips, emergency backups, or home power outages.

To enhance the off-grid lifestyle, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY equips the Alpha800 with 800W output peak up to 1600w output and 512Wh capacity, covering all power needs for most outdoor essentials. For outdoor enthusiasts exploring off the beaten track away from the main grid, reliable power is always at hand.

Alpha800 is a portable device with unlimited expansion possibilities, breaking through the limitations of traditional energy storage, and allowing users to expand the accessories of their energy storage devices as they wish. Alpha800 implants all the products needed for outdoor camping on the host in the form of modules. Alpha800 has modules such as panel lights, spotlights, charging treasures, and audio. Users can customize according to their own needs and have more mobile technology experience, creating infinite possibilities. The definition of Alpha800 is not limited to energy storage, it is a product that provides people with the best solution for outdoor life to meet their electricity needs. This power station, which combines functionality, portability, and practicality, will be officially launched on the market in May.

The modules of Alpha800 have the freedom and flexibility of Lego splicing, just like having a whole new set of magic bags for use without worrying about carrying multiple items. Users can combine accessories arbitrarily to create smart portable energy storage that meets multi-functional needs. The station allows users to have a more relaxed and convenient experience whether they are in the car, at home, or in outdoor activities such as camping in the countryside and aerial photography on location.

In terms of functions, Alpha800 supports AI voice, touch buttons, App intelligent control, and wireless charging, and creates a more convenient and intelligent operation experience.

SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY is committed to the field of outdoor smart home technology, has independent research and development of core technology, and has core competitiveness in the high-end market. SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY integrates all home and outdoor scenes that users can imagine into each of SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY’s products, and independently develops smart APPs in combination with IoT intelligent technology, allowing users to enjoy customized experiences in different scenarios at home, in the backyard, or outdoors.