Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light

Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light

Sottlot believes that in the face of nature, creating energy is more important than storing it. However, not every smart solar product can convert energy efficiently.

Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light adopts the latest AI technology which is the world first. Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light is equipped with 360° tracking solar panels,It uses AI to calculate the maximum energy of the sun in real time for tracking positioning, so that the solar panels can automatically capture the maximum solar charging current in time. This is origin of the product name. This design can increase the charging efficiency of the product by 30%. At night, the Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light can also combine the brightness of the lamps with the landscape to create a comfortable scene while taking into account the lighting and the environment.

In order to match the different scenes of the family, there are 5 products in the Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light series for you to choose from. The lamp shades of the Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light series use the same design. You only need to choose lamp poles and brackets with different lengths, so that the lamps can meet a wide range of scenes and according to the installation requirements, it can become a column lamp or a wall lamp, which makes the whole scene more harmonious and beautiful.

In pursuit of multiple innovations in technology and product design, Sottlot has created a variety of lighting interactive control technologies. The Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light series products can be multi-linked through Bluetooth, gateway and Adelot app.You can connect to the Internet with One-touch network of Bluetooth, add all Sottlot products, including the Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light series into the Adelot app, perform intelligent control such as switching, timing,dimming,and realize one-key operation of all devices and scene customization, truly realizing IoT intelligent control and Scene linkage.

With the Adelot app, the Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light series offers a variety of scene modes for you to quickly set up, such as:welcome scene: when guests enter your garden, the lights will automatically brighten to create a warm atmosphere.

In the era of environmental protection, the combination of new energy and smart technology is the trend of global smart home products. Mature smart home products can provide a stronger sense of happiness in life. A mature smart solar lighting device,such as Solaraxy Tracker Solar Bollard light,it uses intelligent technology to provide you with a convenient life while chasing the sun.