This 100-square-meter courtyard lighting design will recreate a dream garden

This 100-square-meter courtyard lighting design will recreate a dream garden

The villa courtyard is increasingly becoming a multi-functional space, increasing people’s living experience. The yard can be a place for homeowners to play with their pets or can be a vegetable garden for growing vegetables and fruits. When laying out 100 square meters of courtyard lighting, homeowners need to consider multi-purpose areas such as gardens, water features, dining terraces, and paths. Each area element needs to be carefully considered and given appropriate lighting treatment to create an unforgettable lighting environment.

How big is the 100㎡ garden?

Taking care of a large courtyard of 100㎡ is hard because the homeowner needs a lot of courtyard space for the distribution of vegetation and scenery.

A 100㎡ courtyard is equivalent to a standard three-bedroom apartment, which can accommodate three or more people.

Many famous garden designers suggest that if people want to create a garden, each person should have a usable area of 35-40㎡, which can be allocated and used by family members. For a courtyard of 100㎡, the optimal number of users is 3-4 people.

Therefore, a 100㎡ courtyard is enough for a family of three to freely use the space and place their favorite things. Homeowners can consider designing lighting schemes for garden spaces such as flower beds, vegetable gardens, dining tables, warehouses, ponds, children’s playgrounds, and exterior wall corners.

What should I consider before setting up lighting?

Before lighting a 100㎡ courtyard, homeowners need to consider these points in advance to achieve the desired effect: the light can be used as safety lighting, but also as a landscape decoration.

1. What lighting is essential?
Such as lawn road lighting, which can guide homeowners at night.

2. What is the homeowner’s favorite thing about the yard?
Think of the homeowner’s own favorite views and favorite things to do in the yard and make a list.

3. Do homeowners spend a lot of time in and use the space?
After making the list, think about whether the homeowner needs to add lighting fixtures or not. For example, in the small orchard in the backyard, the homeowner takes care of the orchard every day, so lighting is a must. The swimming pool, which may only be used once or twice a year, needs to be considered.

Start designing 100㎡ garden lighting

Garden lighting is a very important part of horticultural landscape arrangement, and light usually needs to be combined with the horticultural landscape to play a beautifying effect. The general courtyard is composed of these 6 areas: lawn area, dining area, garden area, water area, wall area, and children’s playground area.

Next, Sotllot New Energy will use Sotllot New Energy solar smart lighting fixtures in different spaces of the garden to help homeowners create a garden lighting environment that is conducive to entertaining guests and enjoying outdoor activities.

lawn area

How much the host loves his home can be seen from how neat the lawn in the front yard is. To keep the lawn from being trampled, a sidewalk is often extended. Pathway lights are a great way to provide a safe and welcoming feel to a homeowner’s lawn walkway.

The Tracker Bollard Post Light emits a warm amber light that provides a beautiful landscaping addition to a homeowner’s patio. Tracker Bollard Post Light adopts a Dark Sky Eco-friendly Lighting design. This light will shine downwards, which can reduce light spillage and direct sunlight. If there are often birds in the homeowner’s yard, and wild animals such as squirrels and hedgehogs sneak into the yard at night, then the Tracker Bollard Post Light couldn’t have been more fitting.

When Tracker Bollard Post Light is installed on the road, can provide different post height options, including three specifications of 24Inc, 42Inch, and 51Inch. Homeowners can anchor the light in lawns, shrubs, flagstones, or concrete, wherever homeowners place the Tracker Bollard Post Light will look great.

Dining area

The dining space is a casual and comfortable area that the homeowner may use throughout the summer, so the light in this place should be soft and welcoming.

Polar floodlights feature a premium, soft light source that brings a warm glow to spaces and diffuses light evenly throughout, softly illuminating everything from walls to tables. Proper lighting can help homeowners create the desired ambiance and make dining with family and friends more enjoyable.

garden area

The garden is a paradise for Greenfingers – gardeners can create a vegetable garden to grow fresh produce or a picking garden to supply cut flowers to the table. Placing Infinex spotlights in the garden is a great way to illuminate flowerbeds, trees, and small orchards.

Infinex spotlight supports color temperature adjustment from 2700K~6500K cool white to pure white. The 2700K warm white tone is suitable for use in warmer environments, such as light brown and cedar-colored plants, and is also suitable for use in autumn and winter, allowing red, orange, and yellow leaves to produce a warmer effect. If homeowners want to brighten up conifers and some evergreens, the 3000K pure white tint will make foliage with dark greens, blues, or purples look better. If the homeowner wants a cooler look in the garden, the 5000K daylight tint will produce a sharper effect and bring out the color of the foliage.

water scenic area


The waterscape makes the yard more enjoyable in terms of sound. Imagine sitting among the flowers and trees in the yard, listening to the trickling water, and how comfortable life is. The spotlights on the edge of the pool can help homeowners illuminate the courtyard waterscape at night, showing a unique posture at night.

Infinex spotlight has IP65 waterproof function. Homeowners can install Infinex spotlight by the pond, illuminate the water surface downward, and use the reflection of the water surface to reflect nearby scenery, achieving a pleasing, comfortable, and peaceful effect. The Infinex spotlight can also be installed next to the fountain and shine upwards to make the scenery more gorgeous and tall. Of course, the light from the Infinex spotlight is soft, so homeowners don’t have to worry about the light hurting the fish in the pond.

Note that if the homeowner’s fountain or pond is surrounded by flower borders, then the homeowner should reduce the lights in the flower border so that the focus of viewing at night is on the water feature area.

wall area

Wall lighting is mainly installed on the facade wall of the courtyard or the porch column. lighting can adjust the mood, add atmosphere, and bring beautiful enjoyment to the homeowner.

The polar up and down spot light is a beautiful outdoor solar wall light that can light up the exterior wall of the homeowner’s villa, cast beautiful shadows and silhouettes on the wall, and bring an artistic atmosphere to the exterior of the homeowner’s house at night. The homeowner can adjust the light angle to be the top light, the bottom light, or the top and bottom light at the same time. Homeowners can also set marquee effects or other dynamic effects through the control of the Adelot App, and choose a favorite lighting method to create a unique lighting art wall.

Children’s play area

An amusement park is a space for children or pets to play, where children can let their imaginations run wild. Therefore, the space needs to look really fun, dreamy and inviting.

With 16 million light colors, Smart outdoor strip light is as colorful as candy. The smart outdoor strip light is the best decoration to celebrate the joyful holidays, which can help homeowners to dress up for children’s birthday parties and holiday yard playgrounds. Homeowners can arrange Smart outdoor strip lights on swings, slides, and wooden horses, or stick the light on wires or molds, and twist the light into favorite shapes such as stars, moons, fruits, or cartoon animals, adding some fun and whimsy to children’s childhood paradise.

Garden lights need to be carefully arranged to play true value. A reasonable and artistic courtyard lighting layout is the balance between outdoor lighting and a leisurely atmosphere. lights can not only illuminate the courtyard at night but also bring a warm and romantic atmosphere, making people feel more at home.