Gift for Mother’s love:Mela romantic light is the warmest companionship

Gift for Mother’s love:Mela romantic light is the warmest companionship

With Mother’s Day coming up, SOTTLOT New Energy introduces the smart patio wall light — Mela to give her a unique lighting ambiance to accompany her time spent lounging on the patio. the Mela solar-powered musical rhythm wall light is a comfortable light to decorate your mother’s patio space. Set up a romantic atmosphere with your mother on this special holiday.

Mela modern minimalist retro-style patio wall light, that originated from Europe’s original design, Mela is designed by creating a perfect and harmonious space scene between people and environment, it creates a unique lighting scene based on rhythm and creates dreamy and dynamic lighting with musical rhythm in people’s daily life.

Mela supports music rhythm dynamic lighting, Mela also has 16 million colors RGB color mixing function, which can be intelligently controlled through Adelot’s APP. When dressing up for family gatherings or special festive occasions, Mela brings you into a lighting environment where “light” and “music” are intertwined, allowing the light to stretch out on the wall and change color gradually, creating a different mood in the dual atmosphere of moonlight and light.

As a solar lighting wall light, Mela is very easy to install, no need to consider wiring installation, perfect for each scene of the wall decoration, provides 2700 ~ 6500K color temperature adjustment, light elegant and harmonious, daily use will decorate the environment warm and natural. Meet the pursuit of simple, pure and elegant taste, suitable for high-end entertainment and leisure space such as terrace, balcony, outdoor dining area or deck with upholstered loungers, or installed in the wall yard, stairs, corridors as a decorative use.

Mela both lighting, decoration, enhance the atmosphere function, they can not only enhance the beauty of architectural decoration during the day, but also provide a beautiful musical light show at night, adding a touch of romance to the courtyard.

The Mela wall light, full of design and art, makes the courtyard become less monotonous, romantic atmosphere with the warmest companionship of mother, sprinkling a tender love in the courtyard. On the midsummer night, Mela can release relaxing and lazy light to accompany the mother to enjoy leisure time on the patio; when receiving guests in the backyard, the shining warm light can beautify and decorate the garden, creating a comfortable atmosphere for gathering, dining and sipping.

SOTTLOT New Energy, a leading brand of high-quality solar-powered smart lighting products, offers premium and modern outdoor smart wall lights to decorate your home and patio. Mela is a modern minimalist retro-style patio wall light with music rhythm dynamic light, which will add unique beauty and appearance to the patio, enhance the comfort of patio light, and bring a healthier and better life for mothers.