4 Perfect Tropical Plant Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Yard

4 Perfect Tropical Plant Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Yard

If a homeowner is considering adding tropical plant lighting fixtures to their yard landscape, they will have a clear need: What plants do you want to light? What effect do you want to achieve? And how to make the light more balanced? These questions depend on the plant’s growth height, foliage texture, and placement. Garden landscape lighting full of depth and interest is an excellent investment for homeowners. By using lighting fixtures from Sottlot New Energy, 4 garden tropical plant lighting ideas can help homeowners create clean and well-organized yard space.

Brighten up the backyard with a bright spotlight

Tropical plants are tall and lush. The height of common coconut trees, rubber trees, and palm trees can reach more than 6 meters. Only one Navigator Wallpack Flood Light is sufficient for tall trees. The lighting range of Navigator Wallpack Flood Light can reach 30- 40cm, which can achieve the open and bright lighting effect in the courtyard and can also illuminate the striking texture and outline of trees.

Navigator Wallpack Flood Light has a variety of installation methods, and the homeowner can install the light anywhere in the yard. So simple and flexible to use. Navigator Wallpack Flood Light has the function of separate disassembly and installation of solar panel and lamp body, which can help homeowners avoid obstacles at rock corners and choose the best sunlight direction and lighting angle when installing lamps. When the trees are too tall, homeowners can adjust the Navigator Wallpack Flood Light from the ground mount to the high mount and fix the light to the tree trunk to accentuate the large branches and canopy above the tree.

Create Cozy and Soft Bushes

There are usually a lot of bushes dotted in the courtyard, so in the dark night, lighting is needed to ensure safety and decoration.

Simple, low shrubs work best when paired with soft, diffused floodlights that balance trees’ tall, bright light without drawing attention or making the space feel too busy.

Polar Spot Light uses Osram LED high-quality light source. When the homeowner inserts the Polar Spot Light into the ground, people can feel the texture of the light projected upward by the Polar Spot Light. The Polar Spot Light produces a warm glow at the base of the bush, illuminating surrounding foliage detail and texture, creating scattered shadows. Especially when illuminating plants with linear textures such as Native Grasses, when the light penetrates the leaves and diffuses light on the slender green leaves, feels like bathing in a gentle baptism under the light.

Decorate a warm flower garden with colored light

The flower garden is also an area that will exist in the courtyard. How to make the flower garden beautiful at night is also a common need of many families.

Colored light can highlight the different textures and vitality of plants, and form different atmosphere colors: warm white is the safest, can produce the effect closest to sunlight, and bring out the most natural colors of flowers and green leaves; Blue lends a mysterious, otherworldly look, feeling as serene as the ocean when lights shine in the clusters of the blue star flower.

Infinex spot light has 16 million colors. Homeowners can use colored light to arrange flower gardens according to mood or festivals, so that flowers and saplings can bloom as brightly as daytime at night.

In addition, the color of some lights will be beneficial to the growth of plants. For example, the red light will affect the flowering and seeding of plants. If the garden owner wants to prolong the flowering of hibiscus in the yard from late spring to summer, he may as well At night, let the flowers shine under the red light of the Infinex spot light.

Adding Bollard Lights to Lawn Paths

Bollard lights are suitable for adorning walkways and paths in the garden, guiding people safely across the lawn, while illuminating small plants on both sides, and attracting light to the path leading to the house.

The Tracker Bollard Post Light is a simple and stylish landscape light. Compared with traditional lamps, Tracker Bollard Post Light has a more technological sense. Tracker Bollard Post Light can rotate 360°, AI intelligently tracks the sun and improves charging efficiency by 30%, ensuring stable lighting for lawn paths at night.

The Tracker Bollard Post Light features a wavelength-specific, downward-emitting, black-sky-friendly design with 300lm brightness, which can emit a clean and soft light on the grass and provide enough light to illuminate lawn paths. The simple design of the Tracker Bollard Post Light complements many yards, adding visual interest to flat, empty lawns.

How to choose garden tropical plant lighting fixtures, what are the precautions?

The same lamp can be used for different lighting purposes, depending on how well the homeowner knows his garden and tropical plants.

There will be many types of tropical plants that the homeowner likes in the courtyard, such as big trees, shrubs, hedges, and flower pots, all of which have different heights, textures, and sizes. Therefore, the homeowner needs to know in advance, and then consider choosing the corresponding matching Brightness, light texture, light emitting method, installation method, and other related supporting functions.

Garden landscape lighting pays attention to the balance of light, so don’t arrange too much light for tropical plants. This requires the homeowner to combine the focal area of the courtyard, different lighting styles, and tastes, evenly match the brightness and warm and cold light, and choose to light. Also don’t point the lights at neighbors’ or Homeowners’ own windows or gardens.

Homeowners can choose suitable lighting fixtures by carefully observing the structure of the courtyard and the characteristics of tropical plants. Before deciding on a final choice, homeowners can try to find lamps that work in different ways, and do detailed understanding and planning to make the lighting scheme seem effortless.

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