Coola Outdoor Mood Lantern to Spice Up Spring Romance

Coola Outdoor Mood Lantern to Spice Up Spring Romance

In addition to May Day being International Labor Day, the earliest May celebrations date back to Roman times with the Flower Festival, celebrating the Roman goddess of flowers. In May, people in France give each other lily of the valley (le muguet) as a blessing of good fortune, in England people dress up Maypoles, and in Germany people weave wreaths for their lovers under the May tree (Maibaum).

May, a season of blooming flowers with mild weather and pleasant spring holidays, is certainly a great time for outdoor excursions and celebrating the arrival of the sunny months ahead. For fragrant parks and wildflowers dotted with incredible scenery, you can almost close your eyes, pack your hiking boots and get out into nature for a wonderful holiday.

SOTTLOT New Energy’s Coola is a solar-powered smart ambient light for picnics and camping that can be used as an ambient decoration for outdoor evenings, adding a romantic touch to the blooming month of May.

Music and light are indispensable elements for outdoor night activities, both of which are happy factors that can put you in a happy mood. When dining and entertaining outdoors with friends or family on holiday evenings, it makes people feel relaxed and happy. When music and color are knotted together, everything becomes so colorful and splendid. –Coola has a music rhythm function, it can change different light colors according to the rhythm of synchronized music. coola has 16 million colors, providing you with unlimited color choices. You just need to open the phone music or Bluetooth speaker, and Coola will be able to identify the rhythm of music, with the music pulsing charming light colors, like the aurora borealis landing on the ground in the night sky, so you seem to be in a wonderful dream world.

Coola is a portable lantern whose color temperature can change between 2700~6500K, allowing you to be surrounded by the most gentle and tranquil light tones. It can be used in your tent, picnic table, RV or any other place where you want to create a calm atmosphere, or as a tent night light to accompany you to sleep.

With this Coola smart ambient light, you can adjust the brightness and hue and customize your favorite light patterns, such as ocean, sunset, rainbow and breath, through the Adelot App. Every time you see Coola, it will bring you a wonderful mood! Whether you’re camping under the stars or just looking for a new way to add some ambiance, Coola is sure to become your favorite lighting accessory for outdoor spring nights, making it more enjoyable to bring back a more beautiful, brilliant mood for your May spring vacation.