Our story begins in 2004 – what we call a sign of the times, after 2000 power outages in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and other European regions revealed the limitations of traditional energy supply and defects.
We always thinking, what kind of power does nature give to human beings? What kind of service experience can intelligence provide to humans? How to achieve the conversion efficiency of nature to technology with the minimum cost?
At SOTTLOT, we create products with three things in mind – design R&D capabilities and user experience, and efficient cost conversion. Like other leading brands, our products are top-notch and durable. The difference is that we can integrate all the home outdoor scenes that users can imagine into each of our products, and combined with the intelligent technology of the Internet of Things.
As a new energy brand, SOTTLOT has excellent design genes and strong R&D capabilities, extending the product field to household products suitable for every family member, and always sharing our passion with the world.
When you buy our products, you not only own the product itself, but also enjoy a strong outdoor network ecosystem. While transforming you into a truly smart life,you are also working hard for a new world of clean energy.