SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY successfully concluded the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair

SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY successfully concluded the Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair

The 4-day HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair in 2023 Spring has come to a successful conclusion. At this exhibition, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY, with its leading technology and exclusive product advantages in solar outdoor smart home, brought SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY's high-quality, smart solar outdoor products, and many buyers and technical experts from Asia To communicate and make an important step in opening up the Asian market.

At this exhibition, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY brought Solaraxy outdoor commercial lighting series, Adelot outdoor household series and Alpha outdoor energy storage series products. The Solaraxy series is a commercial lighting product. With its leading technology and high-quality performance, it solves the pain points of short battery life, lighting for rainy days, and difficult maintenance of solar lights, and realizes high-efficiency charging and intelligent energy-saving use. The intelligent application of commercial lighting will be displayed at this exhibition, Leading technology and technology are favored by European and American engineering companies.

Adelot series is an outdoor smart lighting product for homes. Through smart control, combined with home application scenarios, the ingenious design of combining music and lighting with each other, and AI voice control lighting effects, it creates the control of home outdoor atmosphere scenes, with amazing features practicality, and aesthetic value.

SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY launched a new product at the HKTDC Hongkong Electronics Fair, the world's first solar portable energy storage station combined with AI technology —— the Alpha800 module has the freedom and flexibility of Lego splicing, just like owning a complete set The brand-new magic bag is provided for use without worrying about carrying multiple items. Users can combine accessories arbitrarily to create a smart portable energy storage station that meets multi-functional needs, allowing users to have a more relaxed and convenient experience whether they are in the car, at home, or in outdoor activities such as camping in the countryside and outdoor aerial photography.

With the improvement of technology and market demand, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY will continue to introduce new products to meet the needs of customers.

The exhibition is a good platform for us to communicate face-to-face with customers. We hope that when users use the products, they not only own the products themselves, but also enjoy the powerful outdoor network ecosystem of SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY, so as to realize the transformation of truly intelligent and environmentally friendly life. Here, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY would like to thank all new energy customers for their participation in this exhibition, understand the latest products and technologies of SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY, and make joint efforts to promote the sustainable development of human new energy technology.

The next stop, SOTTLOT NEW ENERGY will participate in the LightFair International 2023 in in New York USA on May 23-25, 2023. We look forward to seeing you again.